PaKA visit

Dear Colleagues,
I would like to inform you that on February 26-27, the Institute will be visited by the PaKA (State Accreditation Commission), which will check the program offer and various issues related to studies in archeology. One of the extremely important elements of this visit is the meeting with students and professors.
Therefore, on February 26 most likely at 11:30 (until 12:30) there will be a meeting of a representative of the Commission with all students who will want to come and talk, as well as with the professors (both will be held parallel).
The representatives of the Commission may also visit any class held on Wednesday and Thursday.
I cordially invite you to participate in each of the above.
More information soon.
Dr Wiesław Więckowski



Dept. of Bioarchaeology would like to invite to a lecture:
“Contribution of ancient DNA to our understanding of the peopling and demographic history of the Near East”
on February 5th, at 12:00 in 2.10 hall.
The lecture by Matthew Williams from Australian Centre for Ancient DNA, University of Adelaide.
for more information: Williams ancient DNA