Changes to archaeology program – questionnaire

Dear Students, Dear Colleagues,

More than a year and a half after introducing the new program in Archaeology and Archaeology (Studies in English), it is high time to summarize experiences and improve archaeology education. The confrontation of the announced program’s theoretical assumptions with practice, especially in connection with the challenges posed by the transition to distance learning, proved the need for corrections and changes. Some didactic process participants (both lecturers and students, and to some extent also employees of the administrative department) have already submitted their comments. Some initial corrections resolving the practical problems will be implemented in the coming academic year. Currently, our goal is to prepare comprehensive amendments to the program based on public input. Therefore, we would like to standardize and improve the process of submitting proposals as much as possible. For this purpose, a Google form has been developed to collect comments on the program (separate for lecturers and administrative staff and for students – in Polish and English). We hope that this form of collecting information will be favourably received while facilitating organizing the incoming proposals. We hope for the successful cooperation in the developing the changes that will allow us to improve the educational process in archaeology.

Any changes to the curriculum require discussion and approval by the university authorities following the announced schedule. Therefore, we kindly ask you to send the proposals by May 16 this year.

Yours faithfully,


On behalf of the Teaching Council for the fields of archaeology and archaeology (Studies in English)

Karolina Blusiewicz

Elżbieta Jaskulska


Link to the form for lecturers and administration employees (Polish form):

Link to the form for students (Polish form):

Link to the form for lecturers and students (English form):