Courses on Latin epigraphy

Dear Students, we would like to invite you to the classes “Introduction to Latin epigraphy” which will be held by Dr Florian Matei-Popescu – a specialist on Latin and Greek epigraphy, an archaeologist and historian dealing with the history and archaeology of the Roman army, especially in the Balkans and the Black Sea region. Dr Matei-Popescu is an author of almost 100 publications and the co-editor of “The Journal of Epigraphic Studies” (Pisa & Roma), “Acta Musei Napocensis”, “Studies and Researches of Ancient History and Archaeology (Studii și Cercetări de Istorie Veche și Arheologie).

The online classes will be partly held from the museum where the inscribed stones are preserved in a special lapidarium – the open air exhibition. Good knowledge of Latin is not needed. During the course the students will be shown the type of epigraphic document and its material support and how to work with inscription in a field, how to read, translate and interpret the basic formulas on the standard inscriptions from the early Roman period.

The classes will be held within the University’s Integrated Development Programme (ZIP), co-funded by the European Social Fund within PO WER, Action 3.5.

Credits: Institute of Archaeology “V. Parvan”