Excavations and remote classes

Dear Students,
despite the situation, we try to function and plan the nearest future.
1) field walking survey – as you know it did not take place in Spring due to the situation prevailing in the country. We will try to offer this training during excavations, so that everyone, for whom this class is obligatory, can participate.
2) excavations – the date of registration for excavations has now been extended to the end of April. Please contact the excavation organizators. If the situation allows, the excavations will take place normally. But please be prepared for any different information on the subject, and remain flexible in planning.
3) remote classes – I sent you an e-mail with a request to report problems with classes, contact with teachers, etc. Please, send this information to me – I will try to solve the problems occurring, as soon as possible.

With the best wishes of health
Dr. Wiesław Więckowski