New Heads of Studies

Dear Students,

I am very glad to announce that today, I appointed new Heads of Studies. The new Head of Studies in Polish is now Dr. Elżbieta Jaskulska. Dr. Katarzyna Pyżewicz agreed to accept the position of the Head of Studies in English. Dr. Jaskulska remains a member of the Didactic Council, while Dr. Pyżewicz will continue to act as the tutor of the 1st year students.
Both Heads will receive appropriate documents from me, which will allow us to speed up the decisions on students’ matters, to handle the correspondence with students and provide information on the organization of studies. The main burden of contacts with lecturers will remain with me, as well as administrative matters and more difficult cases concerning the students’ problems. I am sure that after such a division of duties, we will all feel an improvement in the process of organizing and servicing the studies.
Dear all, I think that the worst time is behind us. We have to endure a bit more in these uncomfortable conditions forced by the epidemic, but I am very optimistic and I can’t wait for a moment when we start meeting in the corridors of our Faculty.

Best wishes and always yours,
Agnieszka Tomas