Trusz Karolina

Karolina Trusz, PhD
Department of Barbaricum and the Roman Provincial Archaeology


+48 22 55 22 805 (806, 807)

consultation hours:
Thursday 10.00-11.30 (online duty by appointment by e-mail on google meets platform)
Friday 11.30-13.00, room 3.05 (during the room 3.05 renovation, duty is held on the goole meets platform from 11.30-12.30 by appointment by email – until further notice)

research interests:
–  underwater archaeology of the Roman provinces
–  underwater archaeology
–  ancient port infrastructure
–  non-invasive research methods in underwater archaeology
–  protection of underwater cultural heritage

about me:
Underwater archaeologist with interests focused on the northern cost of the Mediterranean Sea, western and eastern Black Sea coasts, and Caspian Sea. Participated and gained experience in a variety of underwater researches e.g.: Risan (Montenegro), Crimea (Ukraine), Fanagoria (Russia), Sweden and southern coast of Turkey. Team Member of the Costal and Underwater Archaeology Projects of Akdeniz Univeristy in Southern Turkey led by prof. Hakan Oniz. Head of underwater research in Romania within the project Archaeology of the Limes Maritimus Scythicus (formerlyThe Danube Underwater Heritage). Since May 2014 she has been one of the coordinators of UniTwin Network for Underwater Archaeology UNESCO on behalf of the Faculty of Archaeology UW.