Modern Language & Modern Language II

Two modern languages are to be selected from the offer of the Centre of Foreign Language Teaching, one completed with an exam and one with pass. One of the languages must be completed at least on B2 level. English may be selected as a modern language, but the exam level must not be lower than C1, as this is the language of the studies:

Modern language I – 2-year course, exam after two years, level B2 (or English C1)

Modern language II – 1-year course, pass after one year, level B2

The aim of the course is to develop student language skills in order to gain ability to communicate in a modern language in typical, everyday, social, professional and academic situations.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Listening – Ability to identify overall context and details, overall understanding of contents in order to deduce the attitudes and opinions of speakers. Those goals are achieved by listening to short and long statements, dialogues, TV and radio news and other programmes.
  2. Reading – comprehension of a text context and specific details, understanding the discussions in a field of professional interest, scanning for specific information, formulating opinions based on read materials on everyday life aspects.
  3. Speaking – Ability to introduce yourself and respond to questions, describing and commenting on pictures, discussing a topic or various problems with other people and arriving at a conclusion, ability to explain, summarise and develop discussions.
  4. Writing – ability to write various types of texts, ability to use argumentation, express opinions and “the pros and cons,” describing and reporting events.


Additional information on enrolling for classes is provided in the manual (pdf file in English)

A “step-by-step” guide for students to Token Registration