Dean of the Faculty of Archaeology UW

Bartosz Kontny
prof. Bartosz Kontny

phone (22) 55 22 800

Office hours::
Wednesdays: 12:00–14:00
Fridays: 9:00–11:00

Vice-dean of Finances

Michał Starski
PhD Michał Starski

phone: (22) 55 22 800

Duties and responsibilities:

  • supervising the functioning of the Faculty’s finances,
  • cooperation with the Faculty’s Finance and Budget Committee,
  • supervising the implementation of affiliated grants at the Faculty of Archeology of the University of Warsaw,
  • representing the Faculty of Archeology in all matters related to finance, budget and scientific research,
  • in the event of the Dean’s absence or illness, taking over matters related to running the Faculty

Vice-dean of Research and Development

Arkadiusz Sołtysiak
prof. Arkadiusz Sołtysiak

phone (22) 55 22 800

Duties and responsibilities:

  • handling all matters related to scientific exchange with foreign centres,
  • preparation of reports and materials for parametric evaluation and other controls at the Faculty,
  • handling all matters related to the promotion of the Faculty,
  • conducting matters related to granting honorary distinctions, decorations and awards to the employees of the Faculty,
  • supervision over research and scientific achievements of the Faculty employees,
  • supervising the development of the Faculty,
  • replacing the Dean in current affairs

Vice-Dean for Student Affairs

Agnieszka Tomas
prof. Agnieszka Tomas

dr hab. Agnieszka Tomas
Contact: via email – ; office hours Mondays 10 a.m. -2 p.m., only after appointment via email


  • implementation of the University’s strategy in the field of education,
  • consistency of the didactic offer at the Faculty of Archeology,
  • the quality of education and the selection of persons conducting classes in consultation with heads of departments
  • improving teaching competences of academic teachers in consultation with the Dean
  • coordination of work on the preparation of study programs offered by the unit
    content-related supervision over postgraduate studies and courses offered by the Faculty
  • providing the infrastructure necessary to conduct didactics in cooperation with the authorities of the Faculty
  • monitoring the quality of administrative services for students at the Faculty
  • implementation of the guidelines of the University Education Council in the scope specified in the Study Regulations at the University of Warsaw
  • contacts with the Student Council

Tutor of the part-time students and Postgraduate Studies – Underwater Archeology

Radosław Karasiewicz-Szczypiorski

dr hab. Radosław Karasiewicz-Szczypiorski

Duties and responsibilities:

  • all decisions related to the course of extramural studies,
  • preparation of a timetable and organization of classes for extramural and postgraduate studies

phone: +48 501 048 474

Office hours for extramural students in the directors’ office (during the Extramural Study meetings):
Saturday: 10.30–13.00

Administrative Director

mgr Magdalena Nowakowska
Magdalena Nowakowska MA

phone +48 723 030 061

Duties and responsibilities:

  • organization and control of all administrative work of the Faculty,
  • managing units of the Faculty’s administration, with the exception of laboratories,
  • in the scope determined by the Dean, undertaking activities in property and financial matters of the Faculty, subject to the rights and obligations of the head of the Independent Economic and Financial Section

Deputy Administrative Director

mgr Zbigniew Stasiak
Zbigniew Stasiak MA

phone (22) 55 22 836

Duties and responsibilities:

  • supervision of building service employees and companies related to the maintenance of installations and internal devices,
  • supervision over the proper functioning of the building,
  • replacing the Administrative Director in the field of administrative services for the Faculty