Happy Holidays everyone!

The Dean, Prof. Bartosz Kontny, together with all other members of the Faculty of Archaeology, sends you the best wishes of Happy Holidays and the Happy New Year. Let’s hope that the next year will bring more joy and new opportunities to all of you!

Kartka Świąteczna 2020


Dear Students,

today, September 30, my term of office as deputy director of the Institute of Archeology, UW and acting Head of the Teaching Unit at the Faculty of Archeology of the UW expires. Thank you very much for this whole, I must admit, difficult year.
From October 1, all questions, applications and requests should be addressed to the Vice-Dean for Student Affairs and KJD of the Faculty of Archeology, University of Warsaw, dr hab. Agnieszka Tomas (to the address wa.studia@uw.edu.pl) or as indicated by the professor.

Dr hab. Wiesław Więckowski

Exams summer 2020

Dear Students,
below you find the link to a list of exams taking place in the summer session. Instructors – please inform Students about the dates and requirements related to the applications used, Students – please contact the Instructors to clarify any doubts you may have.
I remind you about the requirement to use the addresses in the uw.edu.pl domain for all contacts and logins during the session (Information about accounts FOR STUDENTS, FOR EMPLOYEES).

List of reported exams and credits.

I would also like to remind all students:  if you want to submit any application by USOS, you need: 1) write it; 2) generate a PDF; 3) send a PDF with explanation by e-mail to the deputy student director; 4) ask the Instructor who support your claim to send an e-mail confirming the application (if necessary). You should use e-mail at uw.edu.pl domain.

Partial resumption of the Library operations

Please be informed that from Monday May 25, our Library resumes its operations to a limited extent – there is no possibility to use the Reading Room (Czytelnia). However, returns of books as well as obtaining copy of book/article in form of scan will be possible – only by appointment with librarians.

Please, contact only by e-mail (bibliotekaiauw@uw.edu.pl).


On May 18, the University of Warsaw Library resumes partially its activities. Detailed information – BUW.

New Academic Calendar

A new announcement of the University of Warsaw Rector regarding the reorganisation of the academic calendar, i.e. the end of the summer semester and organisation of the examination session, has been published. DECISION
Most importantly:
– the end of semester is postponed till August (if there are classes that need to be held, and were not held remotely) – in our case it is not a case; still no decision on the summer field training
– exam session dates may change according to the decisions of the Dean – the dates for the session at the Institute will be announced soon.