BA/MA examination and defense

Diploma process for students – presentation in pdf

Diploma process for students – recording of the meeting (provided by Google Drive, required to log in with a student account)

Title page template

For the guide how to proceed please contact your supervisor.

1. Before defending a thesis all the students have to be sure they are qualified (i.a. obtained all the necessary grades and are not in arrears with payments).

2. The thesis supervisor shall submit to the Vice-Dean for Student Affairs, using electronic means, the request to establish the Committee:
together with the student’s details:
– first name and surname,
– record book number,
– field of study,
– title of the diploma thesis,
and the proposition of:
– at least one reviewer,
– examination date.
The exam may be held remotely at the request of the thesis supervisor.

3. After the Vice-Dean for Student Affairs appoints the thesis reviewer and sets the examination date, the employees of the Faculty Office for Students shall notify the student and the thesis supervisor of the possibility to submit the thesis in APD.
The employees of the Faculty Office for Students:
– introduce the information delivered by students in the APD system,
– open access to the electronic clearance slips in the USOSweb system.

4. APD
The student shall submit the degree thesis in the form of a PDF file in APD, no later than 14 days before the scheduled date of the examination.
The student adds the title of the thesis in Polish, English abstract and keywords into the APD system. After approving the changes, the student opens a new set, upload the diploma thesis into the APD system in the form of a PDF file (not larger than 20 MB). Then the student approves the whole set.

APD – Basic rules for the use of the Theses Archive

5. Students should complete Electronic Clearance Slips, including library clearance slip (no later than 14 days before the scheduled date of the examination)
Access path: USOSweb – Common Section – Clearance slips

6. First-cycle (BA) students who started their studies in the 2019/2020 academic year and second-cycle (MA) students who started their studies in the 2020/2021 (or later) academic year – are exempt from the diploma fee. (DZ.U.2021.661; rozdz.9, par.36).
Other students – during the process please make a payment 60PLN for the diploma (on each personal account bank number).

To collect your diploma, please report to the Faculty Office for Students.

As of June 5, 2020, a Rector’s new ordinance No. 120  on the submission of the thesis and the remote diploma examination procedure is in force. Please read it and apply the bachelor’s and master’s theses for upcoming defenses.

The detailed guidelines in Polish