Field training


1) First check the information provided on this website, then contact the Instructor for detailed information regarding all arrangements. You will find a lot of information on the Information Boards by the entrance to the Faculty – including dates of organizational meetings during which you will learn everything you need to know about the field training.

2) Register for participation with the Instructor, unless stated otherwise in the instructions. Registration in USOS will be open ahead of the starting date. If you register with the Instructor, he/she will provide the list to be registered in USOS.

Please note: Not all of the field training instructors accept foreign (non-Polish speaking) students due to various reasons. This decision, because of very specific character of the field training and safety reasons, is always left to their discretion. Students of BA and MA English Programmes with good command of Polish may register for the surveys and excavations appearing also in the Polish version of the website (after contact and acceptance from the Instructor). This is why the field training offer differs on the Polish and English versions of the website.

3) In order to receive a grade for participation in the excavations required by the study programme, every Participant should be inscribed in USOS and fill out FIELD training form_EN together with the Instructor. This document includes some basic info on the site and lists all required activities and grades to be obtained by the Participant.

4) Additionally, by the end of the field walking survey or excavations, all the Participants should evaluate them, just as Students evaluate every class they take. The evaluation documents are here: Evaluation sheet of excavation field training and Evaluation sheet of field survey training and the rules specifying how the evaluation procedure should be implemented (for Instructors) here in Polish: procedura oceny zajęć .
Both documents should be delivered via email to the address: by one of the students or in paper to the vice-Dean of the students’ affairs before the end of the academic year.

For information on the field training contact either the Head of Archaeology (Studies in English) or vice-Dean for students’ affairs.

Field walking survey -“powierzchniówki”- is compulsory field training for all students of undergraduate and Master’s degree programmes. It consists of 30 hrs of classes, cumulated in one week.
Students interested in taking part in a field walking survey should report to the instructor, after the dates for the survey are published.
The conditions of participation vary depending on the group – detailed information is provided by the instructor.

For information on the field walking survey contact either the Instructor or the Head of Archaeology (Studies in English).


Field walking survey – spring 2024,  8 – 12 April 2024

The list of field walking surveys for students (“powierzchniówki”) in Polish  (it is constantly supplemented)


Site: Zwoleń, woj. mazowieckie

Instructor: dr hab. Katarzyna Pyżewicz

Date: 8.04-12.04.2024



the list of participants is closed


Site: Jez. Jezuickie, Bydgoszcz, underwater surface exercises

Instructor: mgr Artur Brzóska, dr hab. prof. UW Bartosz Kontny

Date: 8.04-12.04.2024

Limit: 4, only for students with diving experience







Excavations training is an essential part of the Archaeology study programme. Participation is obligatory.
At BA level, the requirement is 450 hrs (ca. 3 months)
At MA level, the requirement is 150 hrs (ca. 1 month)

For information on the excavations contact either the Instructor or the Head of Archaeology (Studies in English).

Excavations training – summer 2024

Polish-speaking students may register for all excavations. Foreign students should contact individual instructors for detailed information (not all instructors accept non-Polish speaking students).

The list of excavations for students (it is constantly supplemented):


Place:  Dudka, gm. Wydminy, pow. Giżycko, Mazury

Instructors:  dr hab. Witold Gumiński, dr Karolina Bugajska

Date:  30 June – 27 July 2024

Limit: 10- 12 students

Contact and registration:


Place: Jaskinia Raj, woj. świętokrzyskie

Instructors: dr hab. Małgorzata Kot, dr hab. Claudio Berto

Date: 28 June – 25 July 2024

Limit: 5 students



Place: Zwoleń, woj. mazowieckie

Instructors: dr hab. Katarzyna Pyżewicz

Date: 1 July – 26 July 2024

Limit: 8 students

Currently no places available.


Place: Puck

Instructors: dr Michał Starski, mgr Maciej Miścicki

Date (July) 1-26 July 2024

Date (August) 5-30  August 2024

Limit : 15 students for July and 15 students for August



Place: Zaborów, gm. Leszno, woj. mazowieckie

Instructors: dr hab. Adam Cieśliński, prof. UW, mgr Marek Baczewski

Date: 29 July- 23 August 2024

Limit: 12 students



Place: Ciepłe, pow. gniewski, woj. pomorskie

Instructors: dr Sławomir Wadyl, mgr Weronika Bałdyga

Date: 30 June-27 July 2024

Limit: 12 students



Place: Itac, Chuquibamba-Arequipa Peru

Instructors: dr Maciej Sobczyk

Date: from August 26 to the end of September

Limit: 4 students


Condition: knowledge of basic Spanish


Place: Podlesie st. 6, gm. Oleśnica. woj. świętokrzyskie

Instructor: mgr Artur Grabarek

Date: 1  – 28 July 2024

Limit: 10 students








More information in Polish you can find here