About us

The beginnings of interest in archaeology at the University of Warsaw date from the early nineteenth century, the time of the Royal University of Warsaw (1816-1831). The University’s Numismatic Cabinet was created in 1816, and Professor Feliks Bentkowski became its first curator. The first collection of the Numismatic Cabinet included a set of 2847 coins acquired in 1824; by 1862, the collection increased to 5887 coins. In response to growing antiquarian interests, a Cabinet of Ancient Curiosities was set up in 1826.

Main School
Main School

When tsarist authorities closed the University in 1831 in retaliation for the November Uprising of 1830, which hindered the development of archaeological activities. Nevertheless, shortly after the setting up in 1862 of the Main School of Warsaw, the Numismatic Cabinet and the Cabinet of Ancient Curiosities resumed activity. They continued to function even after the Main School was shut down in 1869 and replaced by a Russian Imperial University of Warsaw. In 1871, an Archaeology Cabinet was created, with c. 2000 artefacts, placed under the care of A. Mierzyński. In 1875/76 and 1881/82, Alfred Pawiński gave the first lectures on prehistory: ‘On the History and Prehistory of the Kingdom of Poland and on the History of Primitive Civilisations’. In 1877, the Numismatic and Archaeology Cabinets were merged; even so, until WWI the Imperial University had no separate chair or department of archaeology. During this period the leading role in the development of archaeology was played by the Warsaw Scientific Society, which had an Archaeology Committee starting from 1905 . Its members included Erazm Majewski, Kazimierz Stołyhwo, Stefan Krukowski, Leon Kozłowski, Ludwik Sawicki and Marian Hinner.

In 1915, tsarist authorities retreating before the advancing German army closed the Imperial University of Warsaw and most of its numismatic and archaeology collections were taken East. The University resumed work the same year, this time as a fully Polish institution.

In 1919, the Department of Prehistoric Archaeology was created and housed in Staszic Palace, and  Erazm Majewski became its Director. After WWI, the collections of the Department numbered just 137 pieces from the original pre-1915 collections. After E. Majewski’s death in 1920, his successor was Professor Włodzimierz Antoniewicz. He was also the Dean of the Faculty of History in 1934/35 and Rector of the University of Warsaw in 1936/37. In 1931, the Section of Classical Archaeology was created, led by Professor Kazimierz Michałowski. During WWII, activity of the two Departments was suspended, but lectures in archaeology continued to be given as part of the Underground University.

Over the years, new chairs and departments were created (Department of Slavonic Archaeology, Department of Archaeology of Antiquity, Chair of Ancient Archaeology, with a Department of Anthropology, later transformed into the Chair of Prehistoric and Early Medieval Archaeology). After W. Antoniewicz, the Chair was headed by Zofia Wartołowska and Witold Hensel, and during the early 1960s the staff included: Zbigniew Sochacki, Bronisława Chomentowska, Maria Miśkiewicz, Andrzej Kempisty, Jerzy Gąssowski, Andrzej Wierciński, Stefan Karol Kozłowski, and Janina Rosen-Przeworska

In 1975, the Chair of Prehistoric and Early Medieval Archaeology, the Chair of Papyrology and the Chair of Mediterranean Archaeology were combined into a single unit – the Institute of Archaeology. Its first Director was Professor Waldemar Chmielewski.

The Faculty of Archaeology is the largest academic institution of its kind in Poland, one of the largest in the world. It is divided into 17 Departments and 7 Laboratories. It has a staff of c. 100 (researchers, lecturers, technicians and administration staff). The Faculty offers instruction in most branches of modern archaeology and related sciences to over 1500 students from different areas of study. At present, the Faculty of Archaeology UW is housed in the historic building of the Warsaw Main School (1862-1869) – one of the finest buildings on the main campus of the University.

Dean of the Faculty of Archaeology UW

Bartosz Kontny
Prof. Bartosz Kontny

e-mail: bdkontny@uw.edu.pl
phone (22) 55 22 800

Office hours:
Tuesday: 11.15 AM – 1.15 PM
Thursday: 11.15 AM – 1.15 PM

Vice-dean of Finances

Michał Starski
Dr. Michał Starski

e-mail: m.starski@uw.edu.pl
phone: (22) 55 22 800

Duties and responsibilities:

  • supervising the functioning of the Faculty’s finances,
  • cooperation with the Faculty’s Finance and Budget Committee,
  • supervising the implementation of affiliated grants at the Faculty of Archeology of the University of Warsaw,
  • representing the Faculty of Archeology in all matters related to finance, budget and scientific research,
  • in the event of the Dean’s absence or illness, taking over matters related to running the Faculty

Vice-dean of Research and Development

Arkadiusz Sołtysiak
Prof. Arkadiusz Sołtysiak

e-mail: a.soltysiak@uw.edu.pl
phone (22) 55 22 800

Duties and responsibilities:

  • handling all matters related to scientific exchange with foreign centres,
  • preparation of reports and materials for parametric evaluation and other controls at the Faculty,
  • handling all matters related to the promotion of the Faculty,
  • conducting matters related to granting honorary distinctions, decorations and awards to the employees of the Faculty,
  • supervision over research and scientific achievements of the Faculty employees,
  • supervising the development of the Faculty,
  • replacing the Dean in current affairs

Vice-Dean for Student Affairs

Dr. Elżbieta Jaskulska

for students – wa.student@uw.edu.pl;

for other matters – ejaskulska@uw.edu.pl;

Office hours:

Thursday 11.00 AM – 1.00 PM, online or in-person by appointment.

Appointment can be arranged by email or Google Calendar appointment page (using the University of Warsaw email account only). Do not forget to indicate your name and year of study as well as information if an online or in-person meeting is required.


  • implementation of the University’s strategy in the field of education,
  • consistency of the didactic offer at the Faculty of Archeology,
  • the quality of education and the selection of persons conducting classes in consultation with heads of departments
  • improving teaching competencies of academic teachers in consultation with the Dean
  • coordination of work on the preparation of study programs offered by the unit
    content-related supervision over postgraduate studies and courses offered by the Faculty
  • providing the infrastructure necessary to conduct didactics in cooperation with the authorities of the Faculty
  • monitoring the quality of administrative services for students at the Faculty
  • implementation of the guidelines of the University Education Council in the scope specified in the Study Regulations at the University of Warsaw
  • contacts with the Student Council

Term of office 2020-2024

Vice-Dean for Student Affairs reports directly to the Rector of the University of Warsaw. The duties of the vice-dean are complex and they must be realised with help of the team, which members help to complete the tasks specified in the Statute of the University of Warsaw and the Rules of Study at the University of Warsaw.

The Head of Archaeology (Studies in English) – Dr hab. Katarzyna Pyżewicz

PhD Katarzyna Pyżewicz
Dr hab. Katarzyna Pyżewicz

Contact: k.pyzewicz@uw.edu.pl
Contact for students: wa.head.archeology@uw.edu.pl

Research interests:
– Paleolithic and Mesolithic archaeology
– use-wear analysis of lithic tools used by the Stone Age societies
– experimental archaeology
– popularization of archaeological knowledge

Tutor of the 1st-year students – Dr. Julia M. Chyla

Julia Chyla
Dr. Julia Chyla

Contact:  j.chyla@uw.edu.pl

Vice-dean’s recruitment representative – Marcin Wagner

Marcin Wagner
Marcin Wagner MA

Contact: rekr.archeo@uw.edu.pl

More about recruitment you can find here.

Vice-dean for student affairs and her team supervises the Faculty Student Office.


Administrative Director

mgr Magdalena Nowakowska
Magdalena Nowakowska MA

e-mail: magdalena.nowakowska@uw.edu.pl
phone +48 723 030 061

Duties and responsibilities:

  • organization and control of all administrative work of the Faculty,
  • managing units of the Faculty’s administration, with the exception of laboratories,
  • in the scope determined by the Dean, undertaking activities in property and financial matters of the Faculty, subject to the rights and obligations of the head of the Independent Economic and Financial Section

Deputy Administrative Director

mgr Zbigniew Stasiak
Zbigniew Stasiak MA

e-mail: zbigniew.stasiak@uw.edu.pl
phone (22) 55 22 836

Duties and responsibilities:

  • supervision of building service employees and companies related to the maintenance of installations and internal devices,
  • supervision over the proper functioning of the building,
  • replacing the Administrative Director in the field of administrative services for the Faculty

Faculty Office for Students:
Address: Faculty of Archaeology, ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28, 00-927 Warsaw, Room no. 1.06, ground floor
Phone:  (0-22) 55 20 117
e-mail: ji.chomicz@uw.edu.pl

mgr Joanna Chomicz
Joanna Chomicz MA

Admission hours at the Faculty Office for Students:

Tuesdays 10:00-13:00
Wednesdays 10:00-13:00
Thursdays 10:00-13:00
Mondays&Fridays closed for petitioners.


Dean’s Office at the FA UW
Address: Faculty of Archaeology, ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28, 00-927 Warsaw
Room number: 2.03, 1st floor
Phone: (0-22) 55 22 800
Fax: (0-22) 55 22 801
E-mail: wauw@uw.edu.pl

open from Monday to Friday, 9:00-15:00

Faculty of Archaeology UW Library

Organization: Faculty of Archaeology UW Library (Library)
Address: Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28, Szkoła Główna, 00-927 Warsaw
Room number: 0. 1.16
Phone: (0-22) 55 22 831

Head Librarian:

 Elżbieta Roszyk

Magdalena Różycka
Aleksandra Piechura-Masztak
Mirosław Blicharski

Reading Room: 1.17

Library Hours:
Monday – Friday 9:00-17:00
Saturday  10:00–16:00 (only during part-time studies’ sessions)


Library rules and regulations:

  • all books must be returned by 16:00 on weekdays, by 16:00 during the weekend
  • request slips are reviewed for the last time at 16.00 on weekdays, and at 16:00 during the weekend
  • the overnight loans service starts at 15:00

About the Library:

The Library of the Faculty of Archaeology UW was created by merging the resources of the Library of the Chair of Mediterranean Archaeology and the Library of the Chair of Prehistoric and Early Medieval Archaeology. Full access to library resources is offered on the premises only. Loans are made to research and teaching staff from the Institute and from other centres as part of an inter-library exchange and to Faculty of Archaeology students to a more limited extent – in keeping with the Library regulations.

Library resources include publications on prehistory, prehistoric archaeology, Classical archaeology, the archaeology of the Near East and Egypt, medieval archaeology and auxiliary sciences.

The Library has in its keeping books from private libraries of Professors Kazimierz Michałowski, Martin Jahn, Włodzimierz Antoniewicz, and the Volkswagen Foundation.

The Library has an exchange with other libraries in Poland and abroad.

The Library has a collection of M.A. dissertations by FA UW graduates and PhD dissertations.

Since October 2006, the Faculty of Archaeology Library has been developing an online catalogue of its printed resources in cooperation with The University of Warsaw Library.

A digitised version of the teaching resources is being developed at present – for the students of the Faculty of Archaeology. It is available only in the Library Reading Room.

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Address: Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28,
00-927 Warsaw Poland

Phone.: (022) 55-22-800
fax.: (022) 55-22-801
e-mail: fundacjaprzyjacioliauw@poczta.onet.pl

NIP: 526-16-64-061
REGON: 010088323

Bank Account No.:
22 1020 1013 0000 0702 0128 2276

Organs of the Foundation:
General Assembly of Founders and Board of the Foundation

The Foundation is represented by its Board, with members: Roksana Chowaniec, Wiesław Więckowski, Marta Guzowska, Marzena Łuszczewska and Marcin Rudnicki.

Roksana Chowaniec – Wednesday 17.00-19.00

Wiesław Więckowski – Wednesday 12.00-14.00

The Foundation was established in 1992 for the purpose of, e.g.,

– taking action to advance a comprehensive development of the Institute of Archaeology, its modernisation, to ensure a high level of research and teaching, high technical standards and provide it with improved facilities for its staff and students;
– securing funding to finance research and co-operation in research and development of technology of the Institute of Archaeology with institutions in and outside Poland;
– supporting publication activities of the Institute;
– promoting public awareness of the Institute of Archaeology UW, its achievements and research programmes;
– co-operation with research centres in and outside Poland.

The Foundation achieves its aims through:
– generating funds using the Foundation’s property and income;
– co-operation with research, technology and culture circles and with government institutions and public organisations in and outside Poland;
– joint action with other institutions which have similar aims and engage in similar activity aims.

The Foundation may engage in economic activity in and outside Poland involving production, services and commerce consistent with the law in force.