3rd of October – day free of classes

I kindly inform you that the Rector of the University of Warsaw has announced the 3rd of October as a day free of classes. The normal schedule will commence on the 4th of October (Tuesday).

Best regards,

Elżbieta Jaskulska

Vice-dean for Students Affairs
Faculty of Archaeology UW

Additional registration for courses

Dear Students,

In connection with emerging inquiries about adding more students to the class lists, on which registration is closed due to the lack of places, I would like to kindly inform you that requests for additional registrations will be considered after October 21, when the possibility of registering for courses is closed for students. Before the deadline, students can add themselves to the lists if a place becomes available. Applications for additional registrations will be considered in the order of applications.

After October 21, the student applying to be added to the list must apply with a request to be added to the closed list, enclosing in the attachment the consent of the tutor to admit the student (consent may be given in the form of an e-mail sent from the lecturer’s official account).

Yours faithfully,

Elżbieta Jaskulska

Vice-Dean for Student Affairs
Faculty of Archaeology
University of Warsaw

Limes Congress Batumi 2024 to be co-organized by UW!

The University of Warsaw (in the form of the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology and the Faculty of Archaeology) has become the organiser, together with Georgian colleagues from the Agency for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Adjaria, of the 26th Limes Congress to be held in 2024 in Batumi, Georgia.

The Congress of Roman Frontier Studies (Limes Congress) is the largest and most prestigious academic conference dedicated to the study of the frontiers of the Roman Empire. Its history dates back to 1949, and the event has gone from strength to strength ever since. The Congress meets every three years and brings together around 400 specialists from all over the world.


Presentation of the Batumi 2024 proposal during the final session of the Nijmegen 2022 Limes Congress (Photo: L. Aslanishvili)

By definition, the Congress can only be hosted by a country on whose territory a section of the frontier of the Roman Empire ran. For this reason, the University of Warsaw, although involved in limes research for many years, could not offer to organise this conference in Poland. However, the long-standing cooperation with Georgian partners has opened up the possibility of jointly promoting Batumi as the host of the Limes Congress in 2024.

The decision to award Poland and Georgia the organisation of the next edition of the conference was made by the delegates of the last meeting, which ended recently in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. This followed an official presentation, part of which can be viewed here.

With the organisers of the Nijmegen 2022 Limes Congress (Photo: S. van Efferen)

Dr Radosław Karasiewicz-Szczypiorski from the Centre for Mediterranean Archaeology at the UW is the project manager, and in addition the organising team includes, Dr Piotr Jaworski and Dr Martin Lemke from the UW Faculty of Archaeology, Dr Piotr Zakrzewski (CAŚ UW), and PhD students Natalia Lockley, Maciek Czapski and Karolina Trusz.


Welcome Days for new long-term international students in academic year 2022/2023

We invite all new international long-term students to a welcome meeting –
specifically dedicated to providing you with all the information you might need as a new member of the UW community. You will learn about the structure and function of the University, the many opportunities it offers, the basic rules, as well as the University itself.
You can participate in one of two stationary meetings:
• meeting in Polish: 28th of September (Wednesday)
• meeting in English: 29th of September (Thursday)
Both meetings will begin at 11.00am and will last approximately 3 hours (till 2.00pm).
Main Campus, Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28
More information will be sent to you after registration.
How to sign up?
To participate, please register using the form corresponding to your meeting of choice. The deadline for registration is 25th of September, 11:59 pm
• registration for meeting in English (link)
• registration for meeting in Polish (link)

Cambridge Annual Student Conference 5

Dear All,

The Cambridge Annual Student Archaeology Conference Committee kindly wishes to invite everyone to register for our Fifth Annual Conference! We aim to provide a forum for archaeology and heritage students at any stage of their education to discuss their research interests in a productive and enriching environment. Our Conference will take place on September 16th-18th both online and in person at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research.

This year’s topic is ‘Crisis and Resilience’. This conference provides with us the opportunity to share our understanding of how crises impacted on past societies, how people have moved on with resilience, and more importantly, what we can learn from the past that will help us now and in the future.

This year’s conference consists of seven captivating sessions, which are proposed and chaired by archaeologists across the globe, covering the field of social archaeology, archaeological science and heritage study. Thirty two strong papers from twenty two universities and institutions will be presented to explore the crisis and resilience of Homo erectus right to the present day. We aim to encourage our audience to communicate the proposed issues freely in a warm, friendly, and inclusive environment with mutual respect.

The committee strongly encourages our audiences to attend in person as we have prepared wine reception and conference dinner for participants to continue fascinating discussions and establish friendships.

The registration link is here: https://forms.gle/xaA5z1hP5cAPg9MR6

Please note that presentations are recorded (Q&A will not be recorded), so if you do not wish to be recorded, please turn off your camera.

We hope to see you in our conference soon!

Best wishes,

The CASA Committee

The XXVII Archaeological Festival in Biskupin

The XXVII Archaeological Festival in Biskupin is fast approaching.

Every year, we will be present at the Festival, and our students will perform shows and talk about the past.

This year’s Archaeological Festival refers to the slogan “Mother Nature” and will take place on September 14-18, 2022. The organizers, apart from the traditional sightseeing, according to the chronology of the reconstructions located in the Park, proposed 5 educational paths, the content of which is directly related to the theme of the Festival.

More information can be found at www.biskupin.pl/festyn2022/

We invite you to participate in this unique event!

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