Excavations 2019

Dear Students!

This is to remind you – to get the grade for participation in excavations you need to provide the “sekretariat” with the “Karta Ćwiczeń Wykopaliskowych” completed and signed by you and the Instructor. It has to be included into your file before the end of the academic year. All the Instructors were provided with relevant forms and information.
The Instructors should also allow you to evaluate anonymously the excavations with the adequate “ankieta oceny”.

Hav a very nice excavation experience!

Wiesław Więckowski

Field survey and excavations 2019 (II)

Please remember – the field walking survey is scheduled for April 1-5th. There is registration open for the group accepting English-speaking students in USOS. There are also groups that will perform survey on different dates. Please check your programs and register if needed.
Please note also, that the excavations’ Instructors also have already started recruitment for this year missions.

Field survey and excavations 2019 (I)

Dear Students!
Not all of the field training instructors accept foreign (not-speaking Polish) students due to various reasons. This decision, because of very specific character of the field training and safety reasons, is always left to their discretion. This is why the Offer differs on the Polish and English version of the website.
Students of BA and MA English Programs with good command in Polish may register for the surveys and excavations appearing also in the Polish version of the website (after the contact and acceptance from the Instructor).
dr Wiesław Więckowski

Field survey and excavations 2019

Dear Students. In the “studies-field training” web-link you may find up-to-date information about the field walking survey (April 1-5th) and excavations. Please, be aware that both, field survey and excavations, are obligatory according to your study program (usually on the second year of BA and MA programs).
Wiesław Więckowski