Excavations training is an essential part of the Archaeology study programme. Participation is obligatory.
At BA level, the requirement is 450 hrs (ca. 3 months)
At MA level, the requirement is 150 hrs (ca. 1 month)

For information on the excavations contact either the Instructor or the Head of Archaeology (Studies in English).

Excavations training – summer 2024

Polish-speaking students may register for all excavations. Foreign students should contact individual instructors for detailed information (not all instructors accept non-Polish speaking students).

The list of excavations for students (constantly updated):

Site: Novae – Bulgaria (Roman legionary fortress and late Roman town)

Instructor:  dr hab. Agnieszka Tomas, prof. UW

Date: 5/08-31/08/2024

Number of places: 6 (for 4 weeks) – 1 place for 3 weeks and one place for 2 weeks (first half of August) are still available

Information: own transport; accommodation in double rooms and houses; the cost of food and accommodation is fully covered by the student allowance granted by the Faculty.

Contact:    agnieszka.tomas@uw.edu.pl


Place:  Dudka, gm. Wydminy, pow. Giżycko, Mazury

Instructors:  dr hab. Witold Gumiński, dr Karolina Bugajska

Date:  30 June – 27 July 2024

Limit: 10- 12 students

Contact and registration:  w.guminski@uw.edu.pl


Place: Jaskinia Raj, woj. świętokrzyskie

Instructors: dr hab. Małgorzata Kot, dr hab. Claudio Berto

Date: 28 June – 25 July 2024

Limit: 5 students

Contact: m.kot@uw.edu.pl


Place: Zwoleń, woj. mazowieckie

Instructors: dr hab. Katarzyna Pyżewicz

Date: 1 July – 26 July 2024

Limit: 8 students

Currently no places available.



Place: Puck

Instructors: dr Michał Starski, mgr Maciej Miścicki

Date (July) 1-26 July 2024

Date (August) 5-30  August 2024

Limit : 15 students for July and 15 students for August

Contact: m.starski@uw.edu.pl


Place: Zaborów, gm. Leszno, woj. mazowieckie

Instructors: dr hab. Adam Cieśliński, prof. UW, mgr Marek Baczewski

Date: 29 July- 23 August 2024

Limit: 12 students

Contact: m.baczewski@uw.edu.pl


Place: Ciepłe, pow. gniewski, woj. pomorskie

Instructors: dr Sławomir Wadyl, mgr Weronika Bałdyga

Date: 30 June-27 July 2024

Limit: 12 students

Contact: s.wadyl@uw.edu.pl

https://cieple.edu.pl/, https://www.facebook.com/Cieplepkp


Place: Itac, Chuquibamba-Arequipa Peru

Instructors: dr Maciej Sobczyk

Date: from August 26 to the end of September

Limit: 4 students

Contact: m.sobczyk@uw.edu.pl

Condition: knowledge of basic Spanish


Place: Podlesie st. 6, gm. Oleśnica. woj. świętokrzyskie

Instructor: mgr Artur Grabarek

Date: 1  – 28 July 2024

Limit: 10 students

Contact:  a.grabarek@uw.edu.pl







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