Epigraphy / Ancient Language

Course Name:                 Epigraphy / Ancient Language
Course Type:                  class
Lecturer, time & place:    see course schedule

The students may select from the following courses: papyrology, Aramaic epigraphy, Greek epigraphy, Latin epigraphy.

The laboratory is focused on gaining practical knowledge of a selected ancient language, its grammar and basic vocabulary. Having acquired these basic skills, the students will learn to read simple texts. Sample texts will be assigned before the course starts and successively during the course.


  1. Basic information about conservation and documentation of sources (texts written on various materials). How to publish texts written in ancient languages.
  2. History and development of language and script.
  3. Writing materials and writing techniques.
  4. Rudiments of the selected ancient language: grammar, basic vocabulary.
  5. Abbreviations and symbols.
  6. Examples of source editions.
  7. Exercises in reading original texts: transliteration (if applicable) and translation.
  8. Use of dictionaries and publications of ancient texts (corpora).