Course Name:                 Excavations
Course Type:                  field course
Lecturer, time & place:    will be announced

During excavations the students will test their theoretical knowledge acquired during other courses, especially Introduction to Archaeology and Methodology of Archaeology; furthermore, they will use excavation tools including measuring equipment. Special attention will be paid to stratigraphic analysis and documentation.

Course aims:

Excavation practices will encompass the following issues:

  1. Organisation of excavation research.
  2. Site measurements.
  3. Setting up a grid.
  4. Marking out trenches.
  5. Selection of research methods.
  6. Exploration of trenches.
  7. Descriptive documentation.
  8. Drawing and photographic documentation.
  9. Extraction and initial conservation of finds.
  10. Listing of finds.
  11. Stratigraphic analysis.