Modern Language

Language certificate exams organised by the University Council for the Coordination of Foreign Language Teaching and Language Proficiency Certification.

  1. Exams offered by the Coordination Council can be divided into: the standard offer (of languages primarily taught at B2 level), and an expanded offer (that include the more frequently taught languages at B1, C1 & C2 levels, and less frequently taught languages at A1-C1 levels).
  2. As the minimum language requirement for graduation at the University of Warsaw is a pass at B2 and it is no longer possible to lower this requirement to B1, exams at B1 level of the commonly taught languages will only be offered during the winter and summer exam sessions.
  3. Certificate exams are scheduled during the University’s designated exam sessions as advertised in the University calendar.
  • winter exam session (languages from the standard offer)
  • winter retake exam session (only B2 English for candidates who failed during the winter session).
  • summer exam session (languages from the standard and extended offer).
  • summer retake exam session (languages from the standard offer and selected exams from the expanded offer).
  1. A detailed list of exams to be offered during the academic year 2023/24 will be announced on 15th November 2023. If you foresee a need for exams in less frequently taught languages, please let me know which languages and at what levels these should be conducted. I would be grateful if you forward this information to me by 5th November 2023.
  2. Candidates are required to register for all Certificate exams. For logistical reasons and similar to last year, the registration period has been shortened.  I would appreciate your drawing students’ attention to the registration dates.  Once registration has closed it is not possible to reopen it to add any further candidates. Registration dates for the current academic year 2023/24 are as follows:
  • winter exam session: 15.12.2023 – 16.01.2024
  • winter retake exam session: 10.02.2024 – 15.02.2024
  • summer exam session: 06.05-2024 – 03.06.2024
  • summer retake exam session: 21.07.2024 – 20.08.2024
  1. All students receive two tokens entitling them to register for language certificate exams (one for the first attempt and a second for a possible retake). Once both tokens have been used, to obtain a further token students must sign up for a revision language course.  Below are the dates of such courses:
  • registration for revision language courses prior to winter exam session:    12.2023 – 12.01.2024
  • registration for revision language courses prior to winter retake exam session: 08.02.2024 – 10.02.2024
  • registration for revision language courses prior to summer exam session: 05.2024 – 28.05.2024
  • registration for revision language courses prior to summer retake exam session: 30.07.2024 – 15.08.2024

To register for a revision language course students should contact the Coordinator of the University System of Language Provision at

  1. The principles underlying the organisation and conduct of the Language Certificate exams are governed by the following two University documents:
    1. Resolution No. 103 of the Senate of the University of Warsaw of November 17, 2021 on the rules for conducting language classes and taking foreign language exams at the University of Warsaw (Monitor UW of 2021, item 285)
    2. Order No. 156 of the Rector of the University of Warsaw of December 22, 2021 on the principles for organizing foreign language teaching and the certification of language proficiency (Monitor UW of 2021, item 310, as amended)
  2. Detailed information on the rules for conducting certification exams can be found at  in the “Certificate Exams” tab.

Token registration – main rules