Photography and Drawing of Artefacts

Course Name:                 Photography and Drawing of Artefacts
Course Type:                  class
Lecturer, time & place:    see course schedule

The course offers practical exercises in drawing, photography and other methods of documentation in archaeology. Students are taught to make different types of drawings, and to photograph and process images using graphics software.


  1. Preparing drawing documentation in accordance with the norms of presentation of archaeological sources.
  2. Drawing pottery, including fragments of thin-walled vessels.
  3. Drawing vessels made from materials other than pottery (i.a. glass).
  4. Drawing flint and stone finds.
  5. Preparing impressions (rubbings and estampages).
  6. Taking photographs of portable finds in the field and in the studio.
  7. Principles of small finds’ (coins, etc.) photography.
  8. Basic processing of drawings and photographs using graphics software.