ERASMUS+ Programme

The International Relations Office (Biuro Współpracy z Zagranicą, BWZ – in English IRO) is the office which coordinates the Erasmus+ programme at our University. In each faculty, including Faculty of Archaeology, there is a Mobility Coordinator who can advise on academic matters and the selection of proper courses, as well as sign the Learning Agreement. The students who arrive to study at our Faculty can participate courses held in English. If you want to choose the courses in English you should contact the Head of Archaeology (Studies in English).

LLP-Erasmus Coordinator: Artur Grabarek, e-mail:

The Head of Archaeology (Studies in English): dr Katarzyna Pyżewicz, e-mail:

Confirmation of Arrival

Some Universities require the confirmation of arrival. The document to be filled out by the IRO is always provided by your home institution. It will be signed at the beginning of your studies at the University of Warsaw. If you are not sure whether your institution requires such a document, please contact the IRO/Erasmus Office coordinator at your home University.

Learning Agreement

Within the first month of your exchange you should prepare your Learning Agreement “During the mobility” (part 2). This part should include all the changes in your courses: Any courses you will not attend should be removed or replaced with those you have chosen to attend. The document should reflect your registrations. When your LA is ready, please contact your directly. Once it is signed by all the parties, please provide us with a scan.

Remember that first you have to make changes in the registration and then sign the Learning Agreement. If you add or delete courses only in your Learning Agreement, it will not affect your registration!

Course Registration

Remember that you need to be registered for all the courses you are attending. Some units allow Erasmus & Exchange students to register by themselves, whereas at others you need to contact the Mobility Coordinator. The coordinator should accompany you to the Office for Students Affairs and to contact the he Head of Archaeology (Studies in English) at our Faculty.

Important: Learning Agreement is not registration. If you want to add/delete a course, make sure to do the changes in your registration as well!

Electronic Student Card validity and extenstion

Every University of Warsaw student can apply for an Electronic Student Card (ELS). Check how you can benefit from having the card and how to apply here.

Electronic Student Card is valid from the start of the semester. If you study at the University of Warsaw for two semesters, you will have to extend the validity of your ELS. At the beginning of the second semester, you will receive detailed information about the procedure.


The University of Warsaw offers 2500 places in six dormitories situated in various parts of Warsaw. Each residence hall has a quiet study lounge, a TV room, a computer room and a laundry facility. The monthly rent ranges from EUR 75 to 160 (PLN 315-670) per person, depending on the type of the room.

All the dormitories are located close to other University premises. [map]

Check how to apply for a place in a dormitory here and here.

You can also find some information here.

The Welcome Point

The Welcome Point is the central information service for international employees, visitors and students – both those who come to the UW for one semester exchange and to pursue the whole cycle of their studies. The Welcome Point cooperates closely with the Admissions Office, the International Relations Office, the Office for Student Affairs and other University units to provide the students with relevant and up-to-date information in matters related to the University, accomodation, student activities, and everyday life.

You can find the Welcome Point Office at Main Campus and Ochota Campus. It is opened open from Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the last changes in the epidemic situation in Poland the Welcome Point offices remain open for visitors in urgent matters. However, please remember the sanitary rules – disinfection hands, wearing a mask and keeping an appropriate distance. The Welcome Point Team also asks you for prior appointments of visits by e-mail or phone.  All matters which do not require in-person contact should be resolved by e-mail or phone.

The Please check the Welcome Point website here.


If you have any questions, please check the IRO website where you can find some answers: FAQs

While studying at the University of Warsaw, you are asked to read the following documents:

  1. Rules of Study at the UW
  2. Academic calendar
  3. Registration rules
  4. The catalogue of courses

Extension of Stay

Students coming for the first semester have the possibility of applying for an extension of stay for the second semester. In order to do so, they have to submit the Extension Form signed by the Mobility Coordinator of your receiving unit at UW and the coordinator at your home University.
The application deadline is November 30th.

Safety and Wellbeing

Studying at a new university in another country is a great opportunity but it can sometimes be a little challenging. Things may work not as smoothly as planned; different problems may occur.

We would like you to remember that the IRO UW Team and the University of Warsaw staff is there to assist with any difficulty, so feel free to contact us whenever you need support:

Contact IRO

At the end of your stay, you should remember about the following :

Confirmation of Stay

Visit the IRO at the end of your stay to get the Confirmation of Stay – a document confirming the dates of your studies at the University of Warsaw.

Some institutions have their own forms to be filled out by the IRO.

If you received such a form, please make sure to bring it printed to the IRO. Otherwise, we will provide you with a document generated from our system.

Please remember that we can confirm your stay only until the day you come to visit the IRO!

Anonymous questionnaire about your stay at the University of Warsaw

Shortly before the end of the semester you will receive a link to an anonymous questionnaire about your stay at the University of Warsaw.

Clearance Slip

During your visit to the IRO we will activate your Clearance Slip.
You will find it in the common Section of the USOSweb.

Transcript of Records

Transcript of Records will be issued when you have all your grades in USOSweb. Please monitor your grades in USOSweb and inform your contact person at the IRO once the grades appear.

Before you get obtain the Transcript of records, you need to complete the previous steps: the Confirmation of stay, the Anonymous questionnaire and the Clearance Slip.

You don’t have to be in Warsaw to receive the document. We will provide you with a scan of your Transcript of Records as soon as it is ready.

More information for incoming students is here.