Field survey and excavations 2019

Dear Students. In the “studies-field training” web-link you may find up-to-date information about the field walking survey (April 1-5th) and excavations. Please, be aware that both, field survey and excavations, are obligatory according to your study program (usually on the second year of BA and MA programs).
Wiesław Więckowski

Tradition and Innovation in Textile Technology in Bronze Age Europe and the Mediterranean

It is our pleasure to announce that volume LVI of the “Światowit” journal has been published!

The present volume of the “Światowit” journal, edited by Agata Ulanowska and Małgorzata Siennicka, discusses topics examined so far in two separate fascicles devoted to Mediterranean archaeology, and prehistory, protohistory and archaeology of Poland. The papers collected in this monographic volume examine developments in textile production in the Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Age Europe and the Mediterranean by tracing traditional and innovative elements in textile technology. The issue comprises eleven original contributions that resulted from the session ‘Tradition and Innovation in Textile Technology in Bronze Age Europe and the Mediterranean’, organised in 2016 by both editors during the 22nd Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists in Vilnius. The papers discuss available archaeological evidence of textiles, textile imprints, textile tools and textile iconography, as well as botanical and faunal remains related to textile manufacture and dyeing. The papers examine the types of social relations and cultural and economic processes which may have enhanced developments in textile technology, cross-cultural transmission of textile knowledge and skills, and distribution of raw materials and textiles.

The entire volume is available in Open Access at the Index Copernicus platform . For contents and introductions see here.

The editors
A. Ulanowska & M. Siennicka

The USOS applications

The Student Affairs Office kindly reminders that all of your applications have to be filled out on the USOSweb system, then PRINTED, signed and brought to the office room 1.06. Please note that you should write detailed justifications below your request.