The Faculty of Archaeology building – opening hours during Christmas vacation

The Faculty of Archaeology building – opening hours during Christmas vacation:
23.12.2021 – 27.12.2021 – the building is closed
28.12.2021 – 30.12.2021 – the building is open from 09:00 to 15:00
31.12.2021 – 02.01.2022 – the building is closed
03.01.2022 – 05.01.2022 – the building is open from 9:00 to 15:00
06.01.2022 – 09.01.2022 – the building is closed
From 10.01.2022, the building will be open from 07:30 to 20:30.

Classes cancelled on 21st of Dec. between 3-8 PM

Dear Students, Dear Colleagues,
Due to the planned Faculty Council, following the request of the Dean of the Faculty of Archeology, I am establishing dean’s hours free from academic classes on December the 21st from 15:00 to 20:00.

Elżbieta Jaskulska
Vice-Dean for Students’ Affairs,
Faculty of Archaeology UW

ABC-LD @4EU+ workshop

The academic development team of 4EU+ is pleased to announce the official launch of the ABC-LD @4EU+ workshop for academic teams and teachers of our universities. We offer the ABC LD @4EU+ tool as a sustainable and creative activity for a developing academic environment taking into account contemporary and future requirements for 21st century education.

The ABC method’s main goal is to provide teachers and educational developers with a quick and engaging yet in-depth tool, building a coherent and student centred teaching. It is meant to support teachers’ skills and integrate teaching teams around shared educational goals. The method is taught via an interactive training conducted online, and allows the participants to design or redesign their modules, courses or curricula in a rapid, activity-centred and user friendly manner.

The ABC-LD @4EU+ workshop is dedicated first and foremost to academic teachers implementing 4EU+ educational projects but also those willing to start educational collaboration within the Alliance. Whole teams already working on educational projects, or individual academic teachers are welcome to participate in the workshop.

More information:

Courses moved online from 9th of Dec

Dear Students and Colleagues,

After careful consideration of the current epidemiological situation and the increasing number of classes conducted remotely at the University of Warsaw, in consultation with the Dean’s College of the Faculty of Archaeology, I decided to transfer all classes in Archaeology (in Polish) and Archaeology (Studies in English) from 9th to 22nd December (inclusive) into remote mode. We will meet again on January the 10th during in-room classes. The proper KJD Ordinance will be announced in the journal of the Archaeology Faculty tomorrow.

I hope that the decision will not only enable self-isolated or quarantined people to participate in courses but also reduce the risk of infection for all members of the academic community, which is especially important before family gatherings in connection with the upcoming holidays.

Practical classes, which cannot be transferred to the remote mode, can be held on a different date (agreed upon with the participants of the classes) in January.

Office hours for students, consultations and work on the material carried out by both, students and faculty members, are still allowed in faculty facilities, of course, maintaining the epidemiological requirements.

The faculty building will be open during the teaching hours to make it easier for lecturers to conduct remote classes. Students who need the faculty infrastructure to participate in classes are asked to report to the address

I wish all members of the academic community of the Faculty of Archeology a lot of health and perseverance in these difficult times.


Elżbieta Jaskulska

Vice-Dean of Students’ Affairs
Faculty of Archaeology UW


Information on vaccination against tetanus and tick-borne encephalitis

The Administrative Director of the Faculty of Archeology UW informs that employees, undergraduate students, and PhD students associated with the Faculty of Archeology UW can get vaccinated against tetanus and tick-borne encephalitis.

Vaccinations will be carried out in the medical clinic situated at Main Campus, in the small courtyard. The date of vaccination will be announced soon.

How to register:

Employees and PhD students: in person at the Dean’s Office, room 2.03, or by e-mail-

Students – in person at the Faculty Office for Students

Deadline for registration –  November 15, 2021

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