Field Walking Survey

Field walking survey -“powierzchniówki”- is compulsory field training for all students of undergraduate and Master’s degree programmes. It consists of 30 hrs of classes, cumulated in one week.
Students interested in taking part in a field walking survey should report to the instructor, after the dates for the survey are published.
The conditions of participation vary depending on the group – detailed information is provided by the instructor.

For information on the field walking survey contact either the Instructor or the Head of Archaeology (Studies in English).


Field walking survey – spring 2024,  8 – 12 April 2024

The list of field walking surveys for students (“powierzchniówki”) in Polish  (it is constantly supplemented)


Site: Zwoleń, woj. mazowieckie

Instructor: dr hab. Katarzyna Pyżewicz

Date: 8.04-12.04.2024



the list of participants is closed


Site: Jez. Jezuickie, Bydgoszcz, underwater surface exercises

Instructor: mgr Artur Brzóska, dr hab. prof. UW Bartosz Kontny

Date: 8.04-12.04.2024

Limit: 4, only for students with diving experience