Field Walking Survey

Field walking survey -“powierzchniówki”- is compulsory field training for all students of undergraduate and Master’s degree programmes. It consists of 30 hrs of classes, cumulated in one week, and usually takes place in the second year of both undergraduate and graduate studies.
Students interested in taking part in a field walking survey should report to the instructor or enroll in USOS, after the dates for the survey are published.
The conditions of participation vary depending on the group – detailed information is provided by the instructor.

When in doubt, please contact


In accordance with the UW Rector’s Announcement, all classes (including field training) are suspended until May 24th. 

In May-June, a remote course equivalent to field walking survey class is offered. Please contact Julia Chyla – the Instructor for English speaking students.

The remote course is ONLY offered to students who were enrolled in the spring classes, as well as to third-year undergraduate and second-year master’s students who have not yet completed it.

Field Walking Survey – spring 2020

If you need to take part in the Field Walking Survey this spring (check your study program) please contact me directly. There is one group with dr Marcin Białowarczuk giving the instructions for the FWS near Warsaw (with the public transportation) – contact him directly, or ask me about the details. This group has different dates for the training (contact the instructor).
dr Wiesław Więckowski

Other groups available for English speaking students (those who speak Polish freely may contact instructors from the Polish version of the website HERE) are listed below.
Limit shows the number of participants for both – Polish and English speaking students.

MRĄGOWO area, woj. warmińsko-mazurskie (northeastern Poland), land-water survey (no need for diving licence), own sleeping-bag obligatory.
dates: 30.03-03.04
instructor: mgr Artur Brzóska
limit: 8 students
Information and registration – contact the instructor.

Northern Mazovia, northeastern Poland, field walking survey, accommodations at „Dworek nad Wkrą”, private car.
dates: 30.03-03.04
instructor: dr Andrzej Szela
limit: 8 students
Information – contact the instructor, and registration through USOS.