IAUW Foundation

Address: Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28,
00-927 Warsaw Poland

Phone.: (022) 55-22-800
fax.: (022) 55-22-801
e-mail: fundacjaprzyjacioliauw@poczta.onet.pl

NIP: 526-16-64-061
REGON: 010088323

Bank Account No.:
22 1020 1013 0000 0702 0128 2276

Organs of the Foundation:
General Assembly of Founders and Board of the Foundation

The Foundation is represented by its Board, with members: Roksana Chowaniec, Wiesław Więckowski, Marta Guzowska, Marzena Łuszczewska and Marcin Rudnicki.

Roksana Chowaniec – Wednesday 17.00-19.00

Wiesław Więckowski – Wednesday 12.00-14.00

The Foundation was established in 1992 for the purpose of, e.g.,

– taking action to advance a comprehensive development of the Institute of Archaeology, its modernisation, to ensure a high level of research and teaching, high technical standards and provide it with improved facilities for its staff and students;
– securing funding to finance research and co-operation in research and development of technology of the Institute of Archaeology with institutions in and outside Poland;
– supporting publication activities of the Institute;
– promoting public awareness of the Institute of Archaeology UW, its achievements and research programmes;
– co-operation with research centres in and outside Poland.

The Foundation achieves its aims through:
– generating funds using the Foundation’s property and income;
– co-operation with research, technology and culture circles and with government institutions and public organisations in and outside Poland;
– joint action with other institutions which have similar aims and engage in similar activity aims.

The Foundation may engage in economic activity in and outside Poland involving production, services and commerce consistent with the law in force.