Workshop “Warsaw Wine & Oil Experience. Workshop on wine and oil archaeology”

Tomasz Waliszewski (Faculty of Archaeology, University of Warsaw) and Paulina Komar (Faculty of History, University of Warsaw) invite you to the workshop Warsaw Wine & Oil Experience. Workshop on wine and oil archaeology, on Wednesday 8 May from 3PM to 7PM (room 211 of the Faculty of Archaeology, University of Warsaw).

The archaeology of wine and oil in the Mediterranean is an ever-evolving and fascinating specialisation, particularly in relation to the Roman and Late Antique periods. A team of specialists from five academic centres invites students on a joint journey explorin

g the latest trends in this field of Mediterranean archaeology. Participants in the workshop will receive a basic introduction to the cultivation of olives and vine, as well as production and distribution of wine and oil in the Mediterranean, including methods for their study.

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