Student ID

In accordance with applicable state regulations, student ID’s are valid until the date the classes are suspended at the university and 60 days from that date. According to until November 2020.
LEGAL BASIS (in Polish only)

5 steps to legalise your stay in Poland

WELCOME POINT announcement:
Dear Students!
Are you from a non-EU country and would like to stay longer in Poland, but you have no idea how to legalise your stay? The legalisation procedure was easy for you, but the outbreak of the coronavirus made you not know how to extend your stay? Or are you curious how to do it in the future, when the situation will return to normal? You do not have to worry anymore! We are aware that this is a difficult and complicated process. That is why the Welcome Point organizes the educational campaign ‘5 steps to legalise your stay in Poland’ in which we will answer all your questions and help you get through it.
The meeting will take place on 18th May (Monday) at 12 p.m. To take part in it, please register here.

Field Walking Survey

All students who were registered for the field walking survey class that was supposed to take place this Spring (and got cancelled due to the current situation) – please contact me immediately.
You will be offered a remote class as an equivalent of the survey. It will be held in English by Julia Chyla. You can also contact her directly INFO HERE.


III BA and II MA Students

Students who lack field training (field walking survey, excavations) and are students of the third year of bachelor or the second year of master’s program are kindly requested to contact me immediately by e-mail. Please include in your letter what type of training do you miss and how many hours.

Dr. Wiesław Więckowski

New Academic Calendar

A new announcement of the University of Warsaw Rector regarding the reorganisation of the academic calendar, i.e. the end of the summer semester and organisation of the examination session, has been published. DECISION
Most importantly:
– the end of semester is postponed till August (if there are classes that need to be held, and were not held remotely) – in our case it is not a case; still no decision on the summer field training
– exam session dates may change according to the decisions of the Dean – the dates for the session at the Institute will be announced soon.

To all Students

Dear Students,

I hope you are doing well and look forward to returning to the normality as much as I do. Realizing that many of you are concerned not only about the situation in the country and the world, but also about the situation in your studies, I would like to provide you with a handful of information from the authorities of the University of Warsaw, the Faculty of History and the Institute of Archeology:

– in accordance with the guidelines of the University of Warsaw authorities, all classes taking place remotely are also to end in the same way. I would like to remind you that they are treated in the same way as”normal” classes, with all the consequences. Credits and exams should also be conducted remotely. All Instructors make their decisions about how to carry them out individually. The University of Warsaw authorities do not provide any special, summer mode of passing the classes, and the exam session as well as the re-sit session at the Institute of Archaeology will most likely take place on dates designated by the academic calendar;

– classes with elements of practice (e.g. laboratories, archaeological and documentary drawing, workshops with material, etc.) are taking place remotely in some part, but after 24 May “regular” classes at the Institute building are also planned. They will have a block character (they will last for several hours, but for one or two days). You will be notified soon about the dates of specific activities;

– you will probably soon be able to use the library and work with the material to the extent necessary to complete the writing of theses (bachelor’s or master’s). I will give you precise information soon;

– classes such as “objazdy” (scientific tours), as well as field training (surveys and excavations) – I will provide information on them as soon as decisions regarding their implementation are made. Certainly, third-year undergraduate and second-year masters students will be able to complete them in one way or another, so that they can complete their studies and defend their theses.

Soon, a regulation regarding detailed solutions for the end of the academic year of the Rector of the University of Warsaw should appear. As soon as it appears, as well as when decisions about field training are made, I will provide you with this information immediately.

With wishes for perseverance and a quick return to normality.

Dr. Wiesław Więckowski

Applications through USOS

Dear Students,

if you submit applications via USOS, please remember to generate PDF version and send a copy to my email address when submitting. If you need an opinion/support, please ask the opinion provider/supporter to send it directly to me by email. Unfortunately, the system does not have the function of informing about the fact of submitting an application.

Dr. Wiesław Więckowski