The Faculty of Archaeology building – opening hours during Christmas vacation

The Faculty of Archaeology building – opening hours during Christmas vacation:
23.12.2021 – 27.12.2021 – the building is closed
28.12.2021 – 30.12.2021 – the building is open from 09:00 to 15:00
31.12.2021 – 02.01.2022 – the building is closed
03.01.2022 – 05.01.2022 – the building is open from 9:00 to 15:00
06.01.2022 – 09.01.2022 – the building is closed
From 10.01.2022, the building will be open from 07:30 to 20:30.

ABC-LD @4EU+ workshop

The academic development team of 4EU+ is pleased to announce the official launch of the ABC-LD @4EU+ workshop for academic teams and teachers of our universities. We offer the ABC LD @4EU+ tool as a sustainable and creative activity for a developing academic environment taking into account contemporary and future requirements for 21st century education.

The ABC method’s main goal is to provide teachers and educational developers with a quick and engaging yet in-depth tool, building a coherent and student centred teaching. It is meant to support teachers’ skills and integrate teaching teams around shared educational goals. The method is taught via an interactive training conducted online, and allows the participants to design or redesign their modules, courses or curricula in a rapid, activity-centred and user friendly manner.

The ABC-LD @4EU+ workshop is dedicated first and foremost to academic teachers implementing 4EU+ educational projects but also those willing to start educational collaboration within the Alliance. Whole teams already working on educational projects, or individual academic teachers are welcome to participate in the workshop.

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Artefacts, Creativity, Technology, and Skills from Prehistory to the Classical Period in Greece

We welcome you to join the new educational project funded by the 4EU+ Alliance, the first archaeological project integrating teachers and students from four 4EU+ Universities: Heidelberg, Charles, Copenhagen and Warsaw. The project is entitled ‘Artefacts, Creativity, Technology, and Skills from Prehistory to the Classical Period in Greece. Communities of Learning in the Past and in Higher Education Today’ (ACTS) and it has been designed as a new platform of innovative research-based teaching among the four partner universities.

The main emphasis of the new project is on novel advances in archaeological theory and analytical methods for exploring human creativity, technology, and skills through artefacts in Greece from the Bronze Age to the Classical Period, a joint lecture and four seminar-courses are offered by Heidelberg (UH), Copenhagen (CPHU ), Prague (CU) and Warsaw (UW). The entire programme will end in the summer semester (online, hybrid and in person) and a summer school in Athens (with 5 places for students from each partner university who participated in the project).

The list of the winter semester courses is as following:

Join lecture: Artefacts, Creativity, Technology, and Skills from Prehistory to the Classical Period in Greece (invited specialists, UH, starting after October 18th)


Aegean Seals. Exploring a Class of Bronze Age ‘Strategic Artefacts’ (Prof. Diamantis Panagiotopoulos, UH, starting after October 18th)

Gender and sexuality in Bronze Age Greece (Dr Sarah Finlayson, UH, starting after October 18th)

The Narratives about the Late Bronze Age Aegean: Iconography and Burial Practices (Dr Filip Franković, CU, running)

(Re)sources, tools, techniques and craftspeople: introduction to textiles and textile production in the Aegean Bronze Age (Dr hab. Agata Ulanowska, UW, running, registration until October 10th)

For registration, please see: for the HU and CU,

and for the UW

 The course will be rescheduled to 9.45 on Tuesdays

Online Students’ Guide


To make your first steps in Warsaw and at our University easier, the Welcome Point team has prepared for you a Students’ Guide. You will find there all the necessary information you need – not only about the University of Warsaw and its structure, but also about public transport, health insurance and much, much more!

International Students’ Guide 2021_2022 internet

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