How a correctly written application looks like?

We would like to remind you that applications should be submitted via the USOS system from the level of the individual student account. After writing the application (in an understandable and precise way), send information about it to the Vice-dean for Student Affairs prof. dr hab. Agnieszka Tomas For correspondence, use ONLY addresses in the domain.

The Rector’s scholarship

Dear Students,

The Rector’s scholarship is now at your fingertips, and only in the online version:

In the 2020/2021 academic year, the application for the rector’s scholarship is submitted in the form of an electronic document by the USOSweb.
The deadline for submitting an application for the rector’s scholarship is November 3, 2020. By the end of this day, students must apply for the rector’s scholarship at USOSweb. The scholarship application must be submitted to the BSS social section (Kazimierz Palace building).

Museum practice

Dear students! According with the Rector’s Ordinances No. 233 and 234 on the functioning of the University of Warsaw during the epidemic, the classes which must be held in classrooms (not online) are allowed only in the buildings of the University of Warsaw. Therefore, field exercises are canceled and  the equivalents of excavations carried out in museums can only take place in the Museum of the University of Warsaw. This rule is valid until further notice.


We are proud to inform that the University of Warsaw became the grant holder institution for the COST (European Cooperation in Science Technology) action titled ‘EuroWeb. Europe Through Textiles: Network for an integrated and interdisciplinary Humanities’, CA 19131 (|Name:overview) in years 2020–2024. Dr Agata Ulanowska from the Faculty of Archaeology is a Chair of the EuroWeb Management Committee.

EuroWeb fosters a pan-European network of scholars and stakeholders from academia, museums, conservation, cultural and creative industries. Scholars from several disciplines of the Humanities (philology, art history, archaeology, history), Social Sciences (social anthropology, ethnology, economics, law) and Natural Sciences (geochemistry, conservation, chemistry, biology) join forces to bridge current cultural, political and geographical gaps and facilitate interdisciplinary research leading to inspirational material for experts in the allied and applied disciplines of fashion, art and design.

The scholarly vision is to re-write European history based on textile massive production, trade, consumption and reuse of textiles and dress. The goal is to identify expertise across time in sustainable textile practices. For this purpose, ITCs are crucial for their experience in ancient techniques and cultural heritage in textile craft. EuroWeb offers multiple theoretical and practical training schools, mentors, targeted career development masterclasses for the ECIs, with the aim to increase EU funding for ITC scholars and ECIs. Each year, EuroWeb aims to host large international textile and dress conferences in the ITCs, to highlight their collections, capacities and scholarship. EuroWeb enables collaborations between researchers, engineers, scholars and other stakeholders and business by providing a platform for them to collaborate, co-create projects and training schools, and foster trust and shared ideas. Deliverables include collaborative publications, research workshops, theoretical reflection and advancement, digital infrastructure, EuroWeb digital Atlas, films and podcasts, and intense mentoring, training and career development for ECIs.

Online classes in winter semester 2020

Dear Students,

According to the decision of the previous Dean, which turned out to be the most proper one, your classes will be held entirely online until further notice.

The recruitment process has been closed on 14th of October, and according to the academic calendar you should start the classes on the next day, however, it turned out to be not possible, since we are obliged to run classes only through the University accounts (in the domain In such a situation, we’ve decided that your classes will start on Monday 19th October. Until then you should have your accounts, and you will get accustomed with our website, and the USOSweb system.
Probably you already were instructed how to create your accounts, but just in case I am sending you the link 
Those who did not receive the passwords to create USOSweb accounts are kindly asked to contact Mr Michał Adamiak on the address:
Please remember, that participating in the University online classes is possible only through the University account (email address which ends with The above link will help you to create the accounts, as soon as you finish your registration in the USOSweb system.
The lecturers will send you the links to your classes on these accounts in hours which are indicated in the schedule:
The only tools allowed to held lectures and classes are Google Suite (Meet, Classroom) and the university platform KAMPUS. Other tools are allowed only for the meetings or classes which are not in the schedule according to our programme.
Please, remember to follow the announcements on our website, every day.
Dr hab. Agnieszka Tomas, Vice-Dean for Student Affairs

Online Welcome Week

Dear Students!
The new academic year 2020/2021 is ahead of us. For many of you,
it will be the beginning of your student adventure with the Univer-
sity of Warsaw, for others it will be a continuation. This upcoming
academic year will be different for all of us. We all need to face the
challenges of living and studying in a pandemic. Above all, we need
to take on the challenge of maintaining the continuity of high-level
education and academic research.
We can assure you that the Rector’s Team will support you strong-
ly, ensuring optimal conditions for your development not only in
the upcoming academic year. We want online classes to be a useful
supplement to your study process, an opportunity to improve your
competences and expand your knowledge. We would like everyone
to feel good at our University and to be sure that it is the best place
to shape their future.
To guarantee this, we will begin a reform of digital tools used at the
University of Warsaw. We have no doubts that the digitalization of
our University is a process that must accelerate to catch up with cur-
rent standards. We hope that you will also be actively involved in this
process and that the new reality will also reflect your experiences,
expectations and needs.
We encourage you to take advantage of all the opportunities that
studying at the University of Warsaw offers and to actively partici –
pate in the life of our University. We are convinced that the upcom-
ing academic year will bring many opportunities to undertake new
initiatives and develop existing ones.We wish you good studies and constant enthusiasm in achieving your
With best regards,
Rector and Vice-Rectors
of the University of Warsaw

A detailed schedule of events, information and registration forms for the welcome days are available on the Welcome Point website:

International Students’ Guide: