Draw out your gremlin – break free of limiting beliefs and self-judgements – coaching workshop for international students

Dear Students,

We would like to invite you to our next workshops for international students: ‘Draw out your gremlin’.

The workshop includes:

• Presentation of most common patterns of self-sabotage: creating a ‘storage of limiting beliefs’ – ignoring the positive and focusing on negative – allowing fear to take over and guide one’s thoughts and actions – focusing on the past – comparing with others – settling for less to be “on the safe side” – mastering procrastination

• Exercises and tools to find one’s self-sabotage patterns

• Strategies to overming your weakness, creating one’s own strategy and new thinking habits, boosting one’s strengths

• Exercise: Learning “force-field analysis” and “ants model” to deal with your self-sabotage and inner critic

• Staying accountable to yourself and some more tips and tricks

More information: