Dudka – cemetery and campsites of hunter-gatherers of the Stone Age

Excavation conducted by (renew from 2023): Dr Karolina Bugajska and Dr hab. Witold Gumiński
Localisation: NE Poland, Masurian Lakeland, Wydminy commune, Giżycko district
Involved institutions: Faculty of Archaeology, University of Warsaw
Type of the site: Stone Age peat-bog site with the cemetery of hunter-gatherers

Description of the site: Exceptional cemetery with very diversified burials from the Late Mesolithic and Para-Neolithic, and habitation sites of hunter-gatherers from the Late Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, Para-Neolithic (Zedmar culture) till the Late Neolithic. Complex stratigraphy and preserved bones and wooden materials, besides amber, stone, flint and pottery make the site unique.