Invitation to the seminar ABC of European Heritage. Archaeology of the Byzantine Commonwealth.

At the request of the organisers, we are sending an invitation to participate in an online seminar entitled ABC of European Heritage. Archaeology of the Byzantine Commonwealth.

The invitation is addressed to both staff and students of WA UW.

The aim of this initiative is to popularise the study of Byzantium and its heritage in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. It is made possible with funding from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. (Project Ex Oriente Lux – modernisation and internationalisation of heritage studies in eastern Poland; Science for Society programme no. NdS/543907/2021/2022).

Below are some organisational details:

1). only a seminar is organised, no publication is planned;

2). we are using the zoom platform;

3). of course, students from any country can register;

4). the meeting will be held in an online format. The lecture – 45 minutes – will be translated simultaneously into Polish and Ukrainian;

5). Power Point presentations (e.g. captions to figures) will be prepared in English;

6). three blocks of lectures will be organised (approx. 9:00 – approx. 15:00)

a). 26.-29.02.2024

b). 13.-16.05.2024

c). 10.-13.06.2024

7). The term Byzantine Commonwealth refers to Orthodox areas in the Middle Ages from Sudan to Novgorod and from Sicily to Armenia.

The entire seminar will be available in Polish. It will be translated by A. Jakimowicz translation service.

Those interested may contact Dr. Marcin Woloszyn.

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