‘Mindfulness in academic and everyday life’ workshops

Dear Students,

Welcome Point would like to invite you to ‘Mindfulness in academic and everyday life’ workshops.
During the event, you will learn what mindfulness is and how to apply this practice in our everyday life. You will find out the benefits of using mindfulness at university and at work. It will also be a great opportunity to spend your free time in a pleasant, supportive atmosphere!

WHEN? 21st-22nd January 2021, 11:00 am. – 2:30 pm.

Please note that attendance during two days of workshops is required.

WHERE? If you qualify for the workshop, we will send you a link to the

Who can participate?

– 2nd and 3rd-year students of the first cycle (Bachelor’s degree)
– 4th and 5th-year students of uniform Master studies
– students of the second cycle (Master’s degree)

To register to the course please fill in the form:

Application deadline: 14th January (Thursday) 2021, 12 pm.

Please also join our FB event:

Kind regards,
Welcome Point UW

Happy Holidays everyone!

The Dean, Prof. Bartosz Kontny, together with all other members of the Faculty of Archaeology, sends you the best wishes of Happy Holidays and the Happy New Year. Let’s hope that the next year will bring more joy and new opportunities to all of you!

Kartka Świąteczna 2020

‘Career planning’ workshops for international students

The University of Warsaw is happy to invite all long-term international students to the next edition of ‘Career Planning’ workshops with a professional trainer Joanna Jasińska, PhD.
During the workshops, you will learn about trends in the Polish labour market, clarify your skills, write a CV and much more!
For more information please visit the website: http://welcome.uw.edu.pl/career-planning-workshops-for…/

Informational meetings on legal issues concerning residence in Poland

Welcome Point invites all students for two informational meetings on legal issues concerning residence in Poland. The meeting will be led by specialists from The Association for Legal Intervention, who professionally provide assistance in legalising the stay of foreigners.

Link to details how to register (registration deadline is Nov. 2nd!): http://welcome.uw.edu.pl/legalisation-of-stay-informational-meeting-online/

University of Warsaw Library (BUW) proposal

Dear Students! The University of Warsaw Library (commonly known under Polish abbreviation: BUW) is willing to organise an online meeting for English speaking students, explaining the organisation and using of the library collection. I highly recommend you to take an interest, as for example the online collection provided by our library is quite substantial and can easily be accessed remotely – if you know how.

Please contact me directly (ejaskulska(at)uw.edu.pl) if you are interested in taking part in such a meeting – after confirming the interest from your side we will proceed with organising the meeting.


Elżbieta Jaskulska
Study head of Archaeology (Studies in English)

Validation of Student ID

To validate student ID please contact Office of Student Affairs at the FA UW for English-language studies by emailing Ms Joanna Chomicz (ji.chomicz@uw.edu.pl) to make an appointment, when you can visit the office and validate your ID. Please, do remember that any physical visit to the office, according to the University of Warsaw regulations for the time of the pandemic, requires prior appointment via email, the phone contact is less reliable, as the office is partially working remotely.