Wólka Prusinowska – cemetery

Person conducting excavation: Kamil Niemczak MA, mgr Iwona Lewoc MA
Country: Poland
Site name: Wólka Prusinowska
Type of the site: cemetery
Involved institutions:
Terra Desolata Foundation
Description of the research:
The cemetery in Wólka Prusinowska (Ger. Pruschinowen Wolka) is located on the north-eastern high bank of the Wielki Zyzdrój Lake. It was discovered at the end on the XIX century. During the modern excavations we discovered – among them – bronze bow brooch, disc brooches with wooden insert, bronze tweezers, iron buckle with trapezoidal frame. It is evidence of contacts Olsztyn Group with Avars. Apart from that we found several hundred fragments of pottery. Part of it was decorated.
More info: terradesolata.pl
Project/sources of financing:
Institute of Archaeology, Consultative Council for Students’ Scientific Movement of  University of Warsaw, Universitatis Varsoviensis Foundation, University of Warsaw Foundation, Terra Desolata Foundation