Dept. of Bioarchaeology would like to invite to a lecture:
“Contribution of ancient DNA to our understanding of the peopling and demographic history of the Near East”
on February 5th, at 12:00 in 2.10 hall.
The lecture by Matthew Williams from Australian Centre for Ancient DNA, University of Adelaide.
for more information: Williams ancient DNA

Minigrants for Students

It is my pleasure to inform you, that the “minigrants for students” program will continue through the next year. Minigrants are available for:
1) individual students (to cover expenses or part of the expenses of participation in summer schools, workshops, courses, library research, conferences, etc.)
2) students organizations (student council, student scientific circles/clubs, group projects) for financial aid in realization of their projects.
The applications (including full contact information, project description, estimated costs and supporting letter from the faculty member) should be presented to the Director of Student Affairs by the end of February 2020.
The projects have to be scheduled to be completed before February 2021.