New information on the organisation of excavation exercises in the academic year 2023/2024

Dear Students,

As a result of extensive consultations between the Dean’s group and the staff and students of the Faculty of Archaeology, the following modifications to the rules for the organisation of excavation exercises in the academic year 2023/2024 have been adopted:

    • The rule that students, especially first-year BA students, do not participate in excavation exercises before the first two weeks of the examination session in June (before 29.06) is maintained. Departure during the resit session in September is possible if all other courses have been passed beforehand. This means that going on an excavation during the session ends with an unexcused absence from the credit period and the non-passed grade (the so-called ‘dean’s twos’).
    • In the case of excavations abroad, first-year BA students may be allowed to participate in excavation exercises based on a qualification conducted by the excavation supervisors. Failure by the student to fulfil their commitments (e.g. unjustified and unreported withdrawal from the trip after enrolment, unjustified abandonment of participation in the excavation during the excavation, failure to acquire a financial settlement for the trip and failure to sign the relevant documents upon return) will not only fail to pass the excavation and the payment of fees by the educational fees list. Still, it will also be considered when accepting the student list for the next excavation season.

Due to the upcoming decision-making period for selecting excavation offers, I invite all students to an online meeting about the organisation of excavation exercises and their credit. The Student Council is collecting questions regarding this topic. Link to the meeting on Google Meet:


Excavation exercises at the Faculty of Archaeology of the UW

Wednesday, 27th March • 18:00–19:00

Time zone: Europe/Warsaw

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Important! Please log in using your student account (in the domain). People logging in with other accounts will not be allowed in and will be removed from the meeting.