Podlesie – cemetery of the Lusatian Culture

Person conducting excavation: Artur Grabarek, MSc
Country: Poland
Site name: Podlesie, site 5,  Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship
Type of the site: cemetery of the Lusatian Culture
Involved institutions: Faculty of Archaeology, University of Warsaw

Description of the research: Podlesie is a small village, located about 5 km east of Oleśnica in the świętokrzyskie voivodeship. In 2014-2017, excavations were carried out at the site, during which a surface area of 150 m² was investigated. Over 100 graves with cremations body in urn were discovered that belong to the Tarnobrzeg culture. A large scientific value is not only a diversified ceramic inventory, but also a very rich collection small bronze and flint artefacts. Some of them occurred in the grave context. Two well-equipped graves of the Przeworsk culture were also discovered. The analysis confirmed the similarity of materials from Podlesie to items of other cemeteries of the Lusatian culture in this region.