Novae – legionary fortress and late Roman town

Person conducting excavation: Ass. Prof. Agnieszka Tomas
Country: Bulgaria
Site name:  Novae
Type of the site: legionary fortress and late Roman town
Involved institutions:
Institute of Archaeology University of Warsaw, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the National Institute of Archaeology with Museum
Description of the research:
In 2017 we started a new three-year project aimed at reconstructing the fate of the eastern part of the extramural settlement (canabae), which in the late Antiquity became a part of the town surrounded by defensive walls. We will try to establish a more detailed chronology of this area, its function and role, as well as the reasons why it was surrounded by fortifications. We will try to find out the conditions of living and professions of the inhabitants who lived there, as well as to find out, whether this part of Novae was destroyed after the barbarian incursions, and whether and how it changed its function in the late Antiquity
Extramural settlement near the Roman legionary fortress at Novae (Lower Moesia) and its fate in Late Antiquity, National Science Centre, OPUS 10, NCN, OPUS 10, no. 2015/19B/HS3/017/90