Supraśl – ritual place

Person conducting excavation: prof. Dariusz Manasterski
Country: Poland
Site name: Supraśl, site 3, Podlaskie Voivodeship
Type of the site: cementry of the Przeworsk Culture
Involved institutions: Faculty of Archaeology, University of Warsaw; Podlachian Museum in Białystok

Description of the research: Excavation works covered the area of sandy elevation among the backwaters of the Supraśl River within the Knyszyn Primeval Forest , where four ritual objects of the Bell Beaker culture have been recognized so far. There were also traces of the stay of the Corded Ware culture and Lusatian culture from the early Iron Age.

Project: Interdisciplinary research of the Knyszyn Primeval Forest microregion (financed from the budget of the Faculty of Archaeology University of Warsaw and the Podlachian Museum in Białystok)