Maciałowicz Andrzej

Andrzej Maciałowicz
Andrzej Maciałowicz PhD
Department of Barbaricum and the Roman Provincial Archaeology


phone number:
+48 22 55 22 805

duty hours:
winter semester 2022/2023:
Monday: 11.30–12.30, room 3.05

summer semester 2023:
Tuesday: 11.30–12.30, room 3.05

It is also possible to make an individual appointment for a consultation – please email me.

research interests:
– archaeology of the Pre-Roman Iron Age
– La Tène Period in Central and Northern Europe (Przeworsk-, Oksywie-, and Jastorf Cultures, La Tène Culture and its influences)

see here

A website presenting the results of excavations conducted on the Przeworsk Culture cemetery at Gołębiewo (in Polish):