Anna Smogorzewska

phd Anna Smogorzewska


duty hours:
Wednesday 11:30 – 16:30

research interests:
1. Near East archaeology in the Bronze Age;
2. Persian Gulf in the Neolithic;
3. „Household archaeology”;
4. Archaeology of the Caucasus;
5. Archaeology of Anatolia;
6. Ceramic traditions in the Near East;
7. Ceramic technologies;
8. Ancient economy in the Near East.


Participation in archeological research on the sites Tell Rad Sharqrah (Early Bronze age) and Tell Arbid (multi-period site, mainly Bronze Age), Syria
Participation in archeological researches on the site Bahra 1 (Kuwait), dated to the Neolithic period in the Persian Gulf (c. 5500-4900 BC)

Scientific projects:
Supervisor grant: Wschodnia Anatolia we wczesnym okresie brązu (finished in 2000)
Cooperation on a grant Charakterystyka starożytnej ceramiki z Tell Arbid na podstawie badań laboratoryjnych

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