Grzegorz Ochała

Grzegorz Ochała

duty hours:
Thursday 15:00–16:30
Friday 13:00–14:30

research interests:
Epigraphy, papyrology, ancient languages (Coptic, Greek, Old Nubian), history and culture of Egypt and Nubia between the 4th and 15th centuries, sociolinguistics.

My scholarly interests concentrate on the broadly understood literacy of Egypt and Nubia in Late Antiquity and Middle Ages, especially on epigraphic production. He pays particular attention to socio-cultural processes observable through the perspective of written sources.

The most important projects:
– since 2011: the on-line Database of Medieval Nubian Texts, gathering all manifestations of Nubian literacy dated to the Christian period;

– since 2012: epigraphist of the Polish-Sudanese archaeological mission in Ghazali (Wadi Abu Dom, Sudan), headed by Dr Artur Obłuski (PCMA UW);

– since 2016: member of the international research project “Edfu in the 7th century”, headed by Prof. Anne Boud’hors (CNRS-IRHT, Paris) and Prof. Alain Delattre (UL, Brussels), whose aim is to study and publish Coptic documents originating from the 7th-century archive of Papas, the pagarch of Apollinopilis Magna (today Edfu), stored in the archive of the Institut français d’archéologie oriental in Cairo;

– since 2016: member of the international research project “A cross-section in time: The church of the Holy Virgin in Deir al-Surian – an integrated analysis of the building, its paintings and inscriptions”, headed by Dr Dobrochna Zielińska (IA UW), financed by the National Science Centre of the Republic of Poland (programme “Harmonia”);

– since 2017: member of the international team, headed by Dr Vincent Laisney (PIB, Rome), working on the publication of wall inscriptions from the church at Sonqi Tino (northern Sudan).

bibliography (selection):
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research grants:
– 2016–2018: ‘What’s in a name?’ A Study on the Onomastics of Christian Nubia; National Science Centre, grant no. UMO-2015/17/D/HS3/00372

– 2012–2014: Chronological Systems of Christian Nubia: Liturgical Calendar and Kings’ List; Ministry of Science and Higher Education, grant no. 0392/IP3/2011/71