Innemée Karel

Karel Innemee
dr. Karel Innemée
Department of Archaeology of Egypt and Nubia


phone number:
+31 620031113

duty hours:
Monday 14.00–15.30, room 3.08
or online (practically every day), but then please contact me by e-mail in advance

research interests:
– Art and Archaeology of Early Christianity, especially in Egypt and Nubia
– Christian iconography of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Nile Valley

research projects:
“The Church of the Holy Virgin in Deir al-Surian” (Wadi al-Natrun, Egypt) is a project that started in 1996 and consists of a total analysis of a church that was built in middle of the 7th century and has been in use continuously since then. An international team of scholars and restorers works on the uncovering and restoration of paintings, texts, and architectural details that give an image of the life an rituals of a multi-cultural monastic community.

“Costumes of Authority. The Image of Royalty and Clergy in Christian Nubia” is a project funded by NCN, aimed at analysis of the costumes of Nubian dignitaries as they appear in Christian mural paintings in order to shed light on the way in which worldly and ecclesiastical authority was expressed through costumes and how these costumes refer to divine authority and role models from the past (Meroe) and foreign role models (Byzantium).

“The “Good Shepherd” of Masida. An image in the context of the changing cultural landscape of the Third Cataract of the Nile.”

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