Piątkowska-Małecka Joanna

Joanna Piątkowska-Małecka

dr hab. Joanna Piątkowska-Małecka
Katedra Bioarcheologii


duty hours:
Monday 8.15 a.m.–9.45 a.m., room 0.28 or 0.29
Monday 1 p.m.–2.30 p.m., room 0.28 or 0.29
and from mid-May:
Wednesday 8.15 a.m.–9.45 a.m., room 0.28 or 0.29

research interests:
– Prehistoric hunting of mammals
– Animal economy on Polish-Russian borderland in Middle Ages
– Animal burials and bone artefacts from Bronze Age graves on the Polish territory
– Animals in the economy and religion of the Middle Eastern Bronze Age
– Animal economy in Levant in Iron Age

Joanna Piątkowska-Małecka