Wiesław Więckowski

Dr. Wiesław Więckowski


office hours: (at the 3.23 office)
Tuesday 11:30-13:00 or
contact me to set up the date for the Google Meet session

research interests:
bioarchaeology, funeral archaeology, taphonomy, Andean archaeology,
archaeology of Israel, Hebrew

full list and PDFs at Academia.edu

research grants:
Bioarchaeologist in NCN grant 2015/18/E/HS3/00106 “Andean Women and Their Role in Pre-Columbian and Early Colonial Peru: Castillo de Huarmey Imperial Tomb Case Study” directed by dr Patrycja Prządka-Giersz

Directing NCN grant  2018/02/X/HS3/00850 “Analysis of the burial of Chinese diaspora representative at Castillo de Huarmey archaeological site, Peru”

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