Aldona Mueller-Bieniek


dr hab. Aldona Mueller-Bieniek


office hours: via Google meet or MS Teams after e-mail contact


research interests: archaeobotany; palaeoecology

Department of Bioarchaeology

Adres: 00-927 Warszawa, ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28, Szkoła Główna, pok. 0.26, 0.28, 0.29
tel. 22-55-22-837 i 844

dr Anna Gręzak

dr hab. Arkadiusz Sołtysiak, prof. ucz.
dr hab. Joanna Piątkowska-Małecka
dr hab. Aldona Mueller-Bieniek
dr Rafał Fetner
dr Elżbieta Jaskulska

Z Katedrą współpracuje także:
dr hab. Wiesław Więckowski (Katedra Archeologii Ameryk)

PhD candidates:
mgr Monika Dzierlińska
mgr Kamil Niemczak
mgr Joanna Szymczak
mgr Aleksandra Grzegorska
mgr Adam Budziszewski

Department of Archaeology of the Americas

Direction: 00-927 Warszawa, ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28, Szkoła Główna
Office 3.23, tel. 22 55 22 823

dr hab. Miłosz Giersz

dr hab. Wiesław Więckowski
dr hab. Janusz Wołoszyn
dr Jan Szymański

PhD Candidates:
Roberto Pimentel Nita
Julia Chyla

About the Department:
The Department conducts research and organizes teaching activities in the field of the archeology of the Americas, in particular of the Andean area, Central America, iconography of pre-Columbian cultures, rock art, as well as funeral and anthropological archeology.

The Department organizes the scientific life related to the archaeology of the Americas at the Faculty of Archeology by conducting archaeological field research, publishing research results, and by organizing and participating in international and national scientific conferences. The Departament collaborates with archaeologists and representatives of other disciplines, especially with the scientific centers from Poland and abroad.

Employees also popularize knowledge about the archeology of the Americas.

Field research:
Castillo de Huarmey, Peru – kier. Miłosz Giersz
Toro Muerto, Peru – kier. Janusz Wołoszyn
San Isidro, Salwador – kier. Jan Szymański

– ongoing
NCN 2019/35/D/HS3/00219 “Na kresach Mezoameryki: Badania archeologiczne stanowiska San Isidro w Salwadorze” – kier. Jan Szymański

NCN 2019/32/T/HS3/00101 „Metody cyfrowe w archeologii. Studium doliny Huarmey” – kier. Julia Chyla

NCN 2018/31/B/HS3/01655 „Płeć, przestrzeń i czas w prekolumbijskiej świątyni zmarłych” – kier. Miłosz Giersz

NCN 2016/23/B/HS3/01882 „Toro Muerto – wieloaspektowa analiza unikatowego południowoamerykańskiego kompleksu sztuki naskalnej” – kier. Janusz Wołoszyn

– finalized
NCN 2018/02/X/HS3/00850 “Analiza pochówku przedstawiciela diaspory chińskiej na st. Castillo de Huarmey, Peru” – kier. Wiesław Więckowski

NCN 2015/19/N/HS3/00880 „Tożsamość w niciach ukryta? Dokumentacja i analiza technologiczno-ikonograficzna prekolumbijskich tkanin z Castillo de Huarmey” – kier. Aleksandra Laszczka


Dear Students,

today, September 30, my term of office as deputy director of the Institute of Archeology, UW and acting Head of the Teaching Unit at the Faculty of Archeology of the UW expires. Thank you very much for this whole, I must admit, difficult year.
From October 1, all questions, applications and requests should be addressed to the Vice-Dean for Student Affairs and KJD of the Faculty of Archeology, University of Warsaw, dr hab. Agnieszka Tomas (to the address or as indicated by the professor.

Dr hab. Wiesław Więckowski

Interesting courses

Dear Students,
Please find attached information about the very interesting courses  offered by Dr. Francisco J. Núñez (assistant professor at CAŚ) during the winter semester on the subject related to the Iron Age in the Middle East. COURSES.

Remote office hrs

Dear Students,
if you need to contact me, please e-mail me first – after that we can meet on Google Meet and discuss the problem.

I remind you also that any applications should be submitted via USOS, after submitting it generate a PDF and send a copy to me using the email in the domain.
Dr. Wiesław Więckowski

Changes in exam schedule

Dear Students,
I hereby postpone all the remote exams which were to be conducted by prof. R. Chowaniec. You will be notified of the new date at least 7 days before it.

Other changes may be found here: schedule.
Please contact the Instructors for the up-to-date information.
Dr. Wiesław Więckowski

Exams summer 2020

Dear Students,
below you find the link to a list of exams taking place in the summer session. Instructors – please inform Students about the dates and requirements related to the applications used, Students – please contact the Instructors to clarify any doubts you may have.
I remind you about the requirement to use the addresses in the domain for all contacts and logins during the session (Information about accounts FOR STUDENTS, FOR EMPLOYEES).

List of reported exams and credits.

I would also like to remind all students:  if you want to submit any application by USOS, you need: 1) write it; 2) generate a PDF; 3) send a PDF with explanation by e-mail to the deputy student director; 4) ask the Instructor who support your claim to send an e-mail confirming the application (if necessary). You should use e-mail at domain.