Adam Łajtar

Adam Łajtar
prof. dr Adam Łajtar


duty hours:
Monday 13:00–16:00
Thursday 13:00–16:00

research interests:
– Greek epigraphy with a focus on inscriptions from the Eastern Mediterranean (Asia Minor, Palestine, the Nile Valley) dated to the Hellenistic, Roman, and medieval periods.
– Greaco-Roman Egypt, with a focus on religion.
– Christian Nubia.

Adam Łajtar

research grants:
– 2017–2019: Wall Inscriptions in Banganarti Churches. Contribution to the Study of the Society and Culture of Christian Nubia; National Science Centre, grant no. UMO-2016/21/B/HS3/00930
– 2009–2015: A Study of Greek and Latin Papyri from Qasr Ibrim from the Augustan Period discovered during the British excavations in the years 1963–1988; National Science Centre

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