Seminarium archeoorientalistyczne – wykład dr. Karela Innemée

W imieniu organizatorów serdecznie zapraszamy w najbliższy poniedziałek (30 maja) o godz. 11:30 na kolejne w tym miesiącu seminarium archeoorientalistyczne, na którym wystąpi dr. Karel Innemée (Faculty of Humanities, University of Amsterdam) z wykładem  „The non-verbal communication of costumes of authority”.

Link do spotkania na platformie Zoom:

„Costumes of wordly and religious leaders have multiple layers of meaning. Firstly, there is the aspect of ‘dress to impress’, often by making the person look larger than others. Secondly, there are ways of ‘reading’ the costume and its details. For the outsider it will be clear that he/she is dealing with a king, queen or bishop, but the insiders will be able to distinguish more details, hidden in attributes and decorations. How far are we, as researchers, able to go into this non-verbal language of costumes of authority? A case study from Nubia as a foretaste of a new research project.”

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