Cambridge Annual Student Conference 5

Dear All,

The Cambridge Annual Student Archaeology Conference Committee kindly wishes to invite everyone to register for our Fifth Annual Conference! We aim to provide a forum for archaeology and heritage students at any stage of their education to discuss their research interests in a productive and enriching environment. Our Conference will take place on September 16th-18th both online and in person at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research.

This year’s topic is ‘Crisis and Resilience’. This conference provides with us the opportunity to share our understanding of how crises impacted on past societies, how people have moved on with resilience, and more importantly, what we can learn from the past that will help us now and in the future.

This year’s conference consists of seven captivating sessions, which are proposed and chaired by archaeologists across the globe, covering the field of social archaeology, archaeological science and heritage study. Thirty two strong papers from twenty two universities and institutions will be presented to explore the crisis and resilience of Homo erectus right to the present day. We aim to encourage our audience to communicate the proposed issues freely in a warm, friendly, and inclusive environment with mutual respect.

The committee strongly encourages our audiences to attend in person as we have prepared wine reception and conference dinner for participants to continue fascinating discussions and establish friendships.

The registration link is here:

Please note that presentations are recorded (Q&A will not be recorded), so if you do not wish to be recorded, please turn off your camera.

We hope to see you in our conference soon!

Best wishes,

The CASA Committee